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Immunization Policy:
Immunizing your child is a safe and effective way to prevent serious and life-threatening illnesses. Currently the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) in conjunction with the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends routine vaccination to prevent 17 different diseases. Some vaccines are administered in a series of doses in order to provide adequate protection against the disease. Our practice follows these recommended immunization schedules to provide the best possible protection for your child against these diseases. Timely immunization of your child promotes healthy, disease-free lives. View our Immunization Schedule.
For more information on vaccines and immunizing your child, please visit the following websites:
Schedule for 0-6 years old: (Downloadable PDF Link)
Schedule for 7-18 years old: (Downloadable PDF Link)
Vaccine safety: (Website Link)
Current vaccine articles of interest: (Website Link)


Flu Vaccine Supplies


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