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Immunization Schedule
We follow the AAP recommended immunization schedules generally accepted by the pediatric medical community. Some of the vaccines may be given as part of a combination vaccine so that your child gets fewer shots. Ask your doctor which vaccines your child should receive.
Recommended Schedule:
2 Month
*DTaP, Hib, Polio, HepB, Prevnar, Rotateq
4 Month
*DTaP, Hib, Polio, HepB, Prevnar, Rotateq
6 Month
*DTaP, Hib, Polio, HepB, Prevnar, Rotateq
12 Month
Varivax, Prevnar
15 Month
18 Month
DTaP, Hep A
2 Years
Hep A (must be at least 6 months from 1st dose)
4 Years
5 Years
DTP-A, IPV, Varivax
6-9 Years
Hep B if not completed
11 Years           
Tdap, Menectra, Gardasil
16-18 Years  
*The DTaP, Hib, and Polio are given as a combined vaccine called Pentacel
Additional vaccines that may be given: Dt, Td
Immunization Reactions:
Most infants and children will have very little if any discomfort or fever following an immunization. However, some children may be fussy, irritable, have joint pain or run a mild fever. There is no need to worry when this happens and the appropriate dose of acetaminophen may be given. Please report any severe reactions or extremely high fevers.



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